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The world renowned 'Oddie® panel Fastener' (quarter 1/4 turn fastener) in use worldwide since the 1930s! Today it still provides one of the strongest / quickest solutions to panel fastening. Used on the very first Spitfire aircraft the 'Oddie® Fastener' was designed and manufactured in the UK to solve the brief of simply and securely fastening an engine body panel whilst allowing quick and easy access for aircraft maintenance requirements.

We now offer various head styles to suit many applications i.e. 'snake eye' security, torx , slotted, pan head, wing etc. The Oddie® fasteners (quarter 1/4 turn) are available in any size and material to provide optimum level of security and speed of application for all your 1/4 (quarter) turn applications.

Oddie quarter1/4  turn fasteners, cost effective solutions to panel fastening !!!


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About Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners

"Oddie®" is the registered trade mark of Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners and they are supplied and marketed in the UK by Mulraney Components Limited.

"An open & shut case for a specialised fastener"

The oddie fastener is a quick release, quarter turn, 1/4 turn,  fastening for securing panels or components that have to be speedily and easily removed for servicing or replacement - whether once a day, or once a year.

In its simplest form it consist of a stud, held in a removable panel by a retainer, and a spring steel clip permanently mounted to the framework of the equipment.

A quarter turn of the stud opens the fastener, and to lock it again the stud is pushed home into the clip.

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